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Are you considering going to a university in another country, but you are still unsure? Let us help clear the air for you. The world as we know it now has shrunk down to the size of a closed circle, and as more time goes by, the boundaries are losing their significance. With an increase in the demand for talent from all corners of the globe, an increasing number of people are looking forward to obtaining an education that is relevant for a job that takes them all over the world. Study abroad programs are the most effective means of accomplishing all of these objectives and goals. In addition to laying a solid groundwork for a good beginning of your career overseas, they throw open the doors to an infinite number of employment opportunities for you. Study Abroad Consultants In Kochi can help you.

We are an Overseas Education Consultants In Kochi, Kerala, that is professionally managed by a team of seasoned professionals. Our team of specialists in the subject of international education averages over 14 years of relevant work experience between them. We are the official representatives of over 700 higher education institutions located all over the world. It is essential that local students receive guidance that is both open and actionable, and at Campus World, we are proud to say that we leave no stone unturned. Our advisors have an in-depth understanding of several aspects of international education. In addition, we have developed expertise in assisting students in selecting the colleges and universities that are the best fit for them. Students frequently are not aware of the many benefits that come with attending school in a certain nation or at a particular university. Because of this, we provide admissions counseling for students from the surrounding area. You may find it helpful to seek counseling when making your choice of an excellent overseas institution or university.

We at Campus World, Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala, the most dependable and top international education advisors in Kochi, Kerala, have the courage to declare that we have the potential to serve as an illuminating beacon on your path to achievement. Because of our hard work and dedication, we have been able to get admissions for approximately thousands of students to a variety of programs in a variety of countries across the globe.

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Do not know where to study? We will assist you in locating the ideal location for you! Before you choose the first destination that comes to mind, we provide you with the greatest alternatives.
Study In USA Consultants In Kochi Kerala

The united state of America is an enormous country of North America generally known as the, “US” The United State.

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Study In Australia Consultants Kochi Kerala

Australia the smallest continent in the universe and formally known as the Commonwealth of Australia

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Study In New Zealand Consultants Kochi Ernakulam, Kerala
New Zealand

New Zealand is an island democracy in the southwestern Pacific ocean .It is located near the ..

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Study In Canada Consultants Kochi Kerala

Canada offers high quality education at comparatively low cost.It is continuously selected as one …

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Study In UK Consultants In Kochi Kerala

United Kingdom is commonly known as U.K. OR Britain is a sovereign state of Europe.

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Study in Ireland

Ireland is located in the North-West of Europe. It is detached from its neighbouring Island...

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Overseas Education Consultants Kochi | Study In France

France is situated in Western Europe and borders with Belgium to the North East, Luxembourg and Germany in the East as well as with Switzerland, Italy to the South East. It is popular as the most interesting city in the world.

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Study In Germany Consultants Kochi Kerala

Germany is made up of the North German Plain, the Central German Uplands (Mittelgebirge), and the Southern German Highlands.

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Study In Netherlands Consultant In Kochi Kerala

Netherlands or Holland is a part and former zone on the western coast of the Netherlands. The name Holland is generally used to introduce the whole country of the Netherlands.

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Study In Finland Consultant In Kochi Kerala

Finland was a division of Sweden until 1809, it got independence in 1917. Finland borders on Russia to the East, the Gulf of Finland to the South-east, Sweden to the West and Norway to the North-West

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Study aboard In Sweden | Study Abroad Consultancy In Kochi

Sweden is a country of Northern Europe bordered with Finland to the East, Norway to the West and attached to Denmark in the southwest through a bridge tunnel

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Study In Denmark Consultant In Kochi Kerala

Denmark is the smallest and most austral of the three Scandinavian countries and consists of more than 400 islands of which 72 are populous.

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Study in Spain, From the Best Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala

Study in Spain

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Study In Switzerland | Leading Education Consultant In Kochi

Switzerland – ‘The Heaven on land’ is a country situated in heart of Western and Central Europe

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Study In Singapore

Singapore is both an island and a country, but perhaps its best narration is that of city-state usually it is called Lion City, the Garden City, and the Red Dot.

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Study In Malta

Malta is a small island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea covering an area of 316 km² with Malta has a population of 515,000 people. 

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Overseas Education Consultancies | Study In Cyprus

Cyprus is a small island country, with a huge amount of history, situated in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, off the banks of Syria and Turkey.

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study in Consultants In Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.

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Study In Malaysia | Campus World Study Abroad Consultant

Malaysia is a country of southeast Asia situated slightly on the northern third of the island of Borneo and slightly on a peninsula of the Asian mainland

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Study Abroad Consultancy | Study In Poland

Poland is a country located in Central Europe surrounded by Ukraine and Belarus to the East, Baltic Sea and Lithuania to the North, Slovakia to the South and Germany to the west.

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Study In Latvia Consultant In Kochi Kerala

Latvia in Northern Europe situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea.Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia.

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Overseas Education Consultants | Study In Lithuania

Lithuania is a green and flat land situated located in Eastern Europe on the shore of Baltic sea.

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Study in portugal Consultants In Kerala

Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain.

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Study In Italy | Top Overseas Education Consultants Kerala

Italy is situated in Southern Europe. Euro is the currency used by Italy and Italian is its official language, most widely spoken by Italians.

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Study in Czech Republic from the Best Study Abroad Consultants In Kochi
Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, also known by its short-form name, Czechia, is a landlocked country in Central Europe.

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Overseas Education Consultancy In Kochi | Study In Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country of Central Europe. Hungary has high income mixed economy and 36th largest export country.

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Study Abroad Agencies | Study In Austria

Austria is located in Central Europe,It is a country of 8.66 million of population. Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria

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Study Abroad Consultants | Study In Mauritius

Mauritius is an island country in the Indian ocean ,about 2,000 km outside from the southeast coastline of the African continent.

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study in Consultants In China

The People’s Republic of China is renowned as the largest country in Asia covering over 3.7 million square miles and the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1.4 billion.

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study in Ukraine Consultants In Kerala

Ukraine is a republic country in Eastern Europe made up of 24 provinces and is the second-largest on the continent after Russia.

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study in Georgia Consultants In Kerala

Georgia, a country at the intersection of Europe and Asia, is a former Soviet republic that’s home to Caucasus Mountain villages and the Black Sea beaches.

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Study In Norway Consultant In Kochi Kerala

Norway is located in the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula.Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway.

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Study In Estonia

Estonia located in the Baltic Region of Northern Europe.Estonia has diverse rivers, lakes and forests.

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Study In Armenia

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia is situated on the bank of river ‘Hrazdan’ that is not suitable to navigate.

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Popular Courses to Study Abroad

Whether you are looking for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate level programmes or even short-term certifications, our experts can guide you with all the necessary details required to make the right decision.
Our services include the A to Z of studying abroad. From helping you choose the right course, and preparing for the competitive tests to getting admission at the university of your choice, we are there for you. We also help you with financing options as well as visa services.
Campus World offers admission guidance for those who want to pursue higher education from universities abroad.
Test Preparations
We provide detailed guidance for preparing IELTS , GRE & GMAT examaminations.
We guide students to choose the most affordable educational loan according to their financial status and needs.
We, Campus World, take care of each visa applications at extreme care.
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frequently asked questions
Overseas Education Consultants In Kochi

Studying abroad is a dream for many and there is tons of material online pointing to different directions when you do a web search. Oftentimes there are misleading and spam sites that do more harm than good. Consulting a respected study abroad consultant in Kochi gives you trustworthy consultation and documentation. They can suggest the best college and university to take admission in a foreign country along with the most up to date visa requirements. Also, applications are accepted only during a certain time of the year which will be informed to you well in advance. So when it comes to the question of your or your children’s future, it is always a wise decision to consult a study abroad consultant in Kochi.

This is a doubt many students have and the answer is yes you can. Depending on the laws of the country and the institution you apply for, working on and off-campus is a possibility many students utilize to earn some living expense money. Certain restrictions prevent working while studying in some foreign countries like the course duration needs to be greater than 6 months and the need for the issuance of a work permit from the respective embassy or consulate. Also, there is a fixed maximum time duration in a week for a student to do part-time work. Consult with a reputed study abroad consultant in Kochi to know the exact rules and regulations of the foreign country and university which you are interested in.

The major expenses incurred besides the visa formalities are the tuition fee, accommodation cost and living expenses. Since the tuition fees are usually a lumpsum amount, the dream to study abroad remains a dream only for many. However, now there are a few options to fund your education like Merit-based scholarships, ethnicity-based scholarships, student grants, student loans, etc. Merit-based scholarships are provided by the central and state government, large corporations or even local businesses based on achievements in academics and other co-curricular activities whereas ethnicity-based scholarships are given by foreign governments to specific students who come to study in their country. Student grants are like unrepayable amounts usually given by the government directly to the university for covering a part of the intended tuition fees, usually for students with limitations like physical disabilities. Student loans are available at all major banks in India for almost everybody.

It is always advisable to start preparing well in advance for the specific requirements of your course, university and country in which you are planning to pursue your higher studies. Many parents prepare their children for bachelors studies during their high school itself so as to be able to make the cut for merit-based scholarships. If you are a working professional, spending time of at least 1 to 2 years to research the most beneficial courses available pertaining to your career will come in handy. During this time, you can make arrangements for meeting the expenses incurred in the whole process. The generally preferred age range to apply for study abroad is 18-30 years. So if you are interested in boosting your career, contact us today itself.

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Best Study Abroad Consultants In Kochi, Kerala
Fill the form above and get a call back from us – leading overseas education consultants in Kochi.

Why Campus World?

Campus world is undoubtedly the best study-abroad consultant in Kerala. We are a brand of the Ministry of External Affairs, a Government of India Approved Consultancy with a proven record of offering accurate information and impeccable services to our beloved patrons for more than a decade. Our doors are always open for a quick chat about your study-abroad aspirations and we believe in finding the best solutions available for each of our clients. With tie-ups with thousands of universities across the globe, we will find the right one that meets your profile. Talk to one of our experts and get a meaningful insight into the world of foreign education.

Our Study Abroad Process

Studying abroad can be tricky if the proper research is not done prior to travel. Since students from all over the world are competing for the limited seats available at their favourite universities, missing out on your dream due to a botched application or missing papers is the last thing you want. We have a foolproof process set in stone to ensure that there are no mess-ups.

  • Our counselling team provide the much-required assistance in the selection of the country/ university to which the aspiring student wishes to travel.
  • Our admission team provides guidance with all the mandatory paperwork and helps to process the application to selected universities.
  • Once the students get an offer letter from the universities, our Forex team give assistance for tuition fee payment, including options for low-interest loans and scholarships.
  • The file is then processed by the visa team
  • All mandatory checklists are informed in writing to the students
  • All the required documents like Travel insurance, air tickets and university papers are submitted for the visa application at the respective consulate
  • Once the visa is approved, we provide pre-departure guidance and assistance for accommodation and airport Pick -Up at the destination.

How Do Study Abroad Consultants, Campus World Enhance Student Success?

Study abroad consultants provide a sense of direction for international students who wish to study abroad in foreign countries by functioning as a link between students and their educational goals. We can describe the cultural differences that overseas students will encounter and help prepare them for the journey. We can help you make an educated decision and manage student expectations by imparting the wealth of information about job prospects and educational routes available to foreign students.

We can also assist students in other productive ways, such as saving money (by assisting students in applying for scholarships and bursaries), cultural exposure (by arranging city tours), preparing to study abroad (by organising pre-departure and post-arrival orientation sessions), and providing a taste of international student life (by organising university study tours).

Ultimately the choice rests with the student and their parents. However, we can guide them in the right direction to reach their goals by skipping unnecessary hurdles. We are always happy to assist with the procedures and choices of foreign countries available to the students so that they can make an educated decision about their future. We understand that our role does not get over once the students get their papers to fly abroad. Instead, our support will be available round the clock even during their stay abroad in case of any emergencies. We ensure the safety of our patrons at all times.

Ready To Choose The Right Fit Option? Consult Top Study Abroad Consultants In Kochi

Start your preparations today itself with our specially designed mock drills for testing your language proficiency. The earlier you start your preparation, the better. Depending on the university, country and more importantly the course you select the tests may also vary.

TOEFL, GRE, PTE, OET, GMAT, IELTS & French are a few of the many tests that require minimum cutoff marks in order to qualify for the application. Usually the more prestigious the university, the cut off would also be higher. So put on your learning caps and get down to preparing for your dream education and consequent career in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Dubai, Ireland, France, Germany, Russia, China or any other country you can possibly think of, with our tried and tested study materials that have helped thousands of students.

Also, our experts are adept at preparing the perfect resume and statement of purpose(SOP). We provide a thorough and tailored roadmap for our customers to take the next step towards a bright tomorrow, from specialised counselling sessions to choosing the ideal schools for students, arranging student financing, and successfully completing visas.

Remember, it is a matter of your future. So rather than gambling on rudimentary pieces of information found on the internet, choose the best study abroad consultant in Kochi for the most ideal guidance and documentation. Trust us to handle the ever-changing regulations and get the job done so that you can breeze through the entire process of study abroad application.