7 Best Countries to Study Medicine Abroad

  • Posted on March 31, 2022
7 Best Countries to Study Medicine Abroad

If you are born to a typical Indian family, then the chances of your career are initially limited to either being an Engineer or a Doctor. Well, although they are highly revered professions, not everybody is blessed with the skills and pocket big enough to make that dream a reality. Getting an MBBS seat in India is very difficult and amidst several politics. And without scholarships, they are a huge investment that will eat up your future in debt. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for studying medicine abroad without burning a hole in your pocket. Read along to know about the 7 Best Countries to Study Medicine Abroad.

Studying Medicine Abroad

The application process for Medical Studies Abroad is basic and straightforward. Students can pick from a variety of choices for admission. Many Indian students opt to study abroad in order to experience the educational quality and diversity of medical areas from various nations.
The best medical colleges, excellent instruction, contemporary equipment, and cutting-edge practical technologies, as well as inexpensive tuition prices, are the key draws for students to study at these international universities. Many overseas medical colleges accept students without any language competence examinations, and many universities accept students with only a few entrance exams.

7 Best Countries to Study Medicine Abroad

Keeping aside the conventional and extremely expensive options of the likes of the USA, Canada, and the UK, here are the Best Countries for MBBS for Indian students.

  • Argentina
  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Belize
  • Georgia
  • Hungary
  • Poland

1. Argentina

Argentina has everything you need for a fantastic study abroad experience, from the rocky Andes to the sparkling seas of the Atlantic abounding with penguins. So, remember to look up from your books every now and again to take in your lovely surroundings.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Argentina
Passport with a validity exceeding 6 months after course completion

  • Two photographs
  • Argentinian Medical school Letter of acceptance  
  • Criminal background check
  • $100 visa fee payment receipt
  • Birth certificate
  • Financial proof for living costs
  • Proof of proficiency in the language of study
  • notarized translation of your documents if they are not in Spanish 


Who would have guessed that a country with one of the lowest budgets would become one of the most promising places to study MBBS Armenia? Armenian MBBS has emerged as a viable alternative for Indian medical students, particularly those looking for premier colleges in areas of economic growth.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Armenia


  • Duly filled application form of the university.
  • Marksheet of class 10th and 12th.
  • Passport with a minimum of two years of validity
  • School leaving certificate.
  • The NEET scorecard.
  • Twenty copies of passport-size photos.
  • Birth certificate
  • Health checkup certificate.
  • University fee guarantee letter from parents.


Belarus medical institutions and universities are regarded as among the best in the world, making it one of the top destinations for Indian students interested in pursuing an MBBS degree. Literacy in the nation is 99.97 percent. Students from all over the globe want to study medicine in Belarus because of the high-quality education and high-tech equipment available.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Belarus

  • Mark Sheets of your 10th and 12th exams
  • Birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • Migration certificate
  • Financial proof for living costs and course fee 
  • HIV and vaccination Medical certificate  
  • Passport size photo
  • An application form that must be filled up
  • Offer letter from the Belarus MBBS university
  • Air tickets
  • Scanned copies of the NEET scorecard


Belize, located in Central America along the Caribbean coast, features more than just beautiful beaches and the UNESCO-protected Belize Barrier Reef. When you study medicine in Belize, you will be surrounded by a flourishing culture that is founded on ancient Mayan traditions, British colonial practices, and current global connections.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Belize


  • Original and a copy of passport

  • 2 passport size photos

  • Visa application receipt

  • Travel arrangements proof

  • Evidence of accommodation in Belize

  • Letter of acceptance issued by the institution

  • Letter of financial support

  • Academic transcripts

  • Financial proof for living costs and course fee 


An MBBS degree in Georgia offers the door to a profitable career in medicine. Georgian medical colleges have topped the rankings and acquired a high reputation in worldwide medical education. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has recognized the universities teaching MBBS in Georgia, allowing Indian medical graduates to practice medicine in India.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Georgia

  • Mark Sheets of your 10th and 12th exams
  • Birth Certificate in English
  • A valid passport
  • Migration Certificate
  • Financial proof for living costs and course fee of your guardian
  • Medical certificate that has complete reports on HIV and vaccination
  • Passport size photos
  • A filled-up application form
  • Admission invitation letter from the university you have applied for admission
  • Scanned copies of the NEET scorecard
  • Air tickets


Medical studies in Hungary meet European standards and are regarded as of the highest quality. Hungary is a popular study destination for many students due to its relatively easy entrance standards and affordable tuition rates.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Hungary

The application may be filed through Gyanberry admission services or through the university's website. The general documentation necessary for admission to medical programs in Hungary is listed below.

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Passport-size photo
  • Application fee payment bank receipt
  • English language proficiency
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Medical Certificate
  • Copy of passport


 MBBS universities in Poland are widely regarded as the most reliable medical research centers on the globe. Obtaining an MBBS degree from a reputable medical institution in Poland is a globally recognized credential, and students are prepared to take the NMC screening test.

Required Documents to Study Medicine Abroad in Poland


  • Duly filled application form to the University
  • Documents of classes 10 and 12
  • 10 passport size photographs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Medical Fitness
  • Copy of student's passport
  • A document of language proficiency

Cheapest countries to Study Medicine
For those of you who are looking for the cheapest countries to study medicine abroad, we have prepared a list for that as well. Perhaps we will expand on them in our next blog. So stay tuned. 

  • Russia
  • China
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh

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