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Armenia between the “Black Sea” and the “Caspian Sea” is situated in the southern Caucasus, bordered by Georgia on the North, Azerbaijan on the East, Iran on the South and Turkey On the West and is called ‘stone land ‘. The population of Armenia is 3,027,291 in 2016. Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia is situated on the bank of river ‘Hrazdan’ that is not suitable to navigate. Though history Armenia of centuries ago but it can be compared to the most developed countries. The climate of Armenia is affected with Geographical structure and usually referred to as a sunny and ranges from dry subtropical to cold. The winter months are full of snowfall The best time to visit Armenia is spring or autumn. So choosing to study abroad in Armenia like any other European country is a wonderful choice!

Christianity is the main religion of Armenia and followed by a 95% population. Today’s Armenia is the industrial and agriculture-based country. The priority belongs to small-scale agricultural production. The main industrial area of Armenia is Yerevan. Many huge Armenian enterprises belong to Russian enterprises. ‘Armenian’ and Russian is the most common foreign language used by the people of Armenia. English is the second and the rapid growing foreign language in Armenia.


Why study in Armenia
  • New Destination
  • 100% guaranteed visa
  • Transfer possibilities to other European countries
  • Low Fees
  • IELTS not mandatory
  • Easy to set up the business after completing the Language course
  • Processing time 1 month

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Universities and colleges in Armenia
  • Yerevan State University
  • Yerevan State Medical University
  • American University of Armenia
  • State Engineering University of Armenia
  • Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction
  • Yerevan State Linguistic University
  • French University in Armenia
  • Russian-Armenian University
  • Armenian State Institute of Economics
  • State Armenian Pedagogical University
  • European Regional Educational Academy
  • Eurasia International University
  • Armenian Financial Academy “MFB”
  • Yerevan University of Management and Information Technology
  • Yerevan Gladzor University
  • Yerevan Institute of Foreign Relations and Management
  • Yerevan Culture University
  • Urartu University
  • Yerevan Medical Institute after Mehrabyan
  • ARYA International University
  • German University in Armenia
  • Yerevan State Institute of the Cinematography and Theatre
  • Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts
  • University of Yerevan
  • Yerevan Hrachya Acharyan University
  • Yerevan University of Law and Economy named after A. Mkrtchyan
  • Yerevan University of Management
  • Yerevan National Academy of Fine Arts
  • North University of Yerevan
  • Yerevan «Martig» University of Foreign Economic Relations
Student Visa Requirements
  • Application form
  • Passport original and copy
  • Photographs
  • Attested Passport copy and educational documents
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Offer Letter
  • Original academics
  • Medical
Embassy in india

Armenia Embassy, India
Armenia Street D-133, Anand Niketan
110021, New Delhi, India

Armenia Consulate, India
Mehta Mahal, 7th Floor, 15, Mathew Road, Opera House
400004, Mumbai, India

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