Best Country To Study For Indian Students

  • Posted on August 10, 2020
Best Country To Study For Indian Students

How To Choose the Best Country For Overseas Education?

Choosing the best country to study for Indian students. Reading time (3 minutes).

Choosing the right program for you might be easy. Because in most of the cases you don’t have much choices left but to simply opt for the higher studies in your own major subject. But what about the country? Are you sure you are choosing the right country that help you to climb the ladders of career? It could Europe, America, Canada. If it is Europe then where in Europe? choices are many; Scandinavian, Central Europe, Baltic, Nordic, Mediterranean, Central Europe… list goes on.
Don’t worry you are not alone. This is one of the crucial issue every study abroad aspirants has come across while deciding to pursue studies overseas. There are many international study locations which you can choose from. But one step in the wrong direction can cause a cycle of irreversible effects to your future.
So here we are going to tell you what factors you must consider while choosing best country to study for Indian students.

1. Cost of study
2. Cost of living
3. Job opportunities
4. Stay back
5. Brexit

Cost of study

Money matters first. Of course, everybody wants to study for free, which is quite a normal behavioral instinct of homo sapiens. Wealthy countries have stable economies and good chances of employment. But the saddest part is tuition fee will be skyrocketed. USA and UK are the examples. So always try to choose a country that you can afford at the same time which doesn’t compromise your quality of education and employment opportunities.
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Cost of living

Wealthy nations come with high living standards. So if you want to stay there you need to pay more. You might come across some highly developed countries where tuition fee is almost zero or the same as that of the EU/EEE nationals. Eg: Norway and Sweden. But here is the catch- the cost of living will surpass your “FREE” education and you end up spend more.
It is always better to choose a country where tuition fee and living expenses are at par and a country that allows you to work and earn part-time.

Job opportunities

Not all countries have good economies hence job opportunities. Many students think European countries have good economies. That’s not true. Being a wealthy/ developed country doesn’t mean plenty of enough job opportunities. So make sure you check the employment rate of your selected country for the specific field of study.

Stay back

Stay back means to amount of time each country permits you to stay in the country to find a job after your course completion. It ranges from as short as 3 months to a maximum of 3 years. With in this period you must be able to find a job in your level and field of study. If you choose wisely you don’t have to worry about it.


This won’t affect you if you are planning to study somewhere outside the Eurozone, especially in Britain and its neighboring countries. Nobody can’t predict how Brexit will affect Britain, Ireland and associated countries. And the policies are changing for IELTS requirement, stay back etc. You must take extreme care if you are planning these countries.
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