Easiest Countries to Get Your Permanent Residency

  • Posted on March 22, 2023
Easiest Countries to Get Your Permanent Residency

Moving abroad and starting over is always engaging. The idea of new surroundings, foreign people, new cultures, and a variety of food seems enjoyable and tempting. People move from one country to another in seek of improving their financial prospects and usually become citizens of that country because of the available privileges. Some countries grant you citizenship or permanent residency to become a permanent resident via marriage, investments, naturalization, etc. It also requires to fulfil of definite responsibilities. Contact Study Abroad Consultants In Kerala to know more about the requirements to acquire permanent residency. Let’s look at the list of some of the Easiest Countries to Get Your Permanent Residency. 

New Zealand

The Skilled Migration Program has attracted many citizens to immigrate to this popular destination. There are several criteria to be followed in order to qualify for this program. Firstly, you have to be under 55, with work experience and high skills in your field. You can reside in New Zealand for two years to apply for a resident visa.  


It is one of the most welcoming countries to move to because of its small population and huge landmass. Canada has popular immigration programs like the Express Entry scheme. It is based on a points system and you have to be really competent and have relevant experience in a certain industry. Another immigration program that is popular is the International Experience Canada program in which you have to be between 18 and 30 years old to get a work visa for two years. Consult our Overseas Education Consultants In Kochi to gain insights on Canadian permanent residence requirements.     


You can move to Australia for studies by holding a work visa via investments or business. Other programs for visas include Skill Nominated, Global Talent, or Temporary Skill Shortage. You can apply for Australian citizenship if you have a permanent residence visa for four years. 


Various visa opportunities and the Skilled Workers Immigration Act have gained many immigrants flock to Germany. It makes the process of moving quick and direct. For that, you have to take a permit for the time period of six months to seek jobs in Germany. You can apply for a work permit according to the visa type afterwards. You are allowed to stay for the time period of four years under a temporary permit on the residence. Moreover, you can apply for citizenship once you meet the criteria and requirements.


One of the easiest countries to get citizenship or permanent residency. Foreign nationals are eligible to apply for citizenship through the residency option. By holding a work visa for five years, you can apply for Ireland Permanent Resident Permit. For that, you have to submit a filled application of citizenship form to the Ministry of Justice. They decide if you are eligible or not to grant citizenship. If your ancestors, that is parents or grandparents were born in Ireland, you can claim Irish citizenship as well.  


This popular destination is an easy country to immigrate to if you are a qualified worker with experience or have enough money to invest in permanent residency. You can apply for a SMART visa if you are a skilled investor, executive, or entrepreneur. You are allowed to stay in Thailand for the time of one to four years according to the SMART visa type. In another way, you can immigrate to Thailand if you can invest your money to be a member of the Thailand Elite Residence program. It offers seven various options and one of them is the Elite Easy Access, in which you can access a five-year residency within four months with a fee of  $14,850 or THB 500,000.  


One of the easiest countries to immigrate to if you have enough money. One of the popular programs that attract foreign citizens is its Golden visa scheme which helps to apply for permanent residency after five years. You are eligible to apply for citizenship after spending 35 days in Portugal after that five years. However, to acquire this visa, you are required to purchase real estate that values at $500,000 or invest $350,000 in an urban property, among other options in investment.   

The possibility of having an EU passport after five years and visa-free travelling in the Schengen countries is another highly attractive reason for ex-pats to move to Portugal. Access to free health care and exceptional educational opportunities are also offered.

To reiterate, the idea of immigration and experiencing a lot of different things seem overwhelming. Many countries offer various immigration programs based on the shortage of workforce. Getting permanent residency can owe an array of advantages. This blog about the Easiest Countries to Get Your Permanent Residency might have got you insights to choose the country that align with your goals. You can contact Study Abroad Consultants In Ernakulam to know further about moving to another country.