7 Ways To Finance Your Studies Abroad

  • Posted on August 16, 2020
7 Ways To Finance Your Studies Abroad

7 Ways To Finance Your Study Abroad

So you decided to study abroad. Great!. Now things are getting more serious. You need to find a source to finance your studies abroad. Here we, campus world- Best Study abroad Consultants in Cochin, are going to list 7 ways to finance your studies abroad.


The term fellowship here we use is in a wider sense. Fellowships are often called as scholarships. But not all scholarship can be termed as a fellowship. These are, in a more technical meaning, merit-based awards. Merit can be based on the student’s academics. It includes previous degree marks, entrance exam score, or even a certain talent. The main advantage of fellowship is you can fund your education without breaking your bank.

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Specific Scholarships

Specific scholarships are similar to fellowships. But this specific one is given to students based on their gender and ethnicity. For example, Lady  Meherbai D. Tata Education Trust Scholarship Scheme is applicable only to female candidates from India.


Grants are also a type of scholarship which is given to students who are financially weak. For grants they usually don’t consider the academic background of the candidate. However, if there are more qualifying candidate priority may be given to students who are having good academical history.


This is the least form of financial aid students wishes to but most go for. The main advantage of the loan is it is the easiest way. But comes with a negative aspect, you need to repay with interest. There are two types of loans Collateral and Non-collateral. Collateral is something you give to the bank as a guarantee in exchange for the money.


Some fortune multinational companies do offer sponsorship to their employees. It is for getting advanced studies in their field of working. For example, the Indian government is providing sponsorship for civil service personals.

Part-Time Job/Full-Time Job

Once you secure admission to a foreign university you can apply for a work permit. Depending on the country you are studying you can work full time or part-time. But you have to make sure it is not affecting your academics.

Paid Internships

Internship is not a job but more like training. You can find and apply for internships in company websites or other career portals. Once you are selected you can work with them during your vacation. Countries like the UK have made it mandatory that every course should include one semester paid internship to complete the course. So it is the university’s responsibility to get you an internship. Since you are going to work in the same field of your subject of study, not only you are going to earn but also learn.



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