How can I get admission to Canadian universities for a Master's?

  • Posted on June 07, 2023
How can I get admission to Canadian universities for a Master's?

Are you considering a master’s degree in Canada? Well, you are not the only one! Canada is undoubtedly one of the most popular study destinations abroad. You do not have to look further to understand why with their world-class universities and inclusive culture. This blog ‘How can I get admission to Canadian universities for Master’s’ by the best Study in Canada Consultants will give you detailed info into the Master’s career in Canada.

So, having a comprehensive understanding will help you set the right foot forward in your journey of studying abroad in Canada.

Tuition Fee, Living Expenses & Student Visa For Master’s in Canada

Now, let’s take a look at some of the factors that determine the cost of studying masters in Canada. 

As a foreign student, the first natural step is to look into the MS in Canada prices for the course of your choice. However, aside from the tuition fee at a Canadian university, there are various other fees and factors to consider. The cost of a master's degree in Canada is largely classified into the following categories.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Living expenses
  • Other Costs
  • Pre & Post-Arrival Costs 

Cost of Studying MS in Canada 

In Canada,  most of the Master’s programmes run on semester/tuition fees. Some institutions charge a flat price every year. However, keep in mind that it varies depending on the subject, specialisation, and Canadian university you attend. In the chart below, our Campus World experts, the best study abroad consultants in Kochi have detailed some of the top universities in Canada for Masters's programmes as well as the average tuition fee.


QS World University Ranking 2023  

       Average Tuition Fee for Masters Courses     


 University Of Toronto




      8,810 CAD - 74,110.28 CAD 


University of British   Columbia 




         10,071 CAD-60,224.34 CAD


University of Alberta 




         8,546.28 CAD-8,874 CAD


McGill University 



           9,577.35 CAD -11,138,89 CAD

Besides, you can check the scholarships for Masters in Canada on the official websites of the universities and apply for the scholarships for Masters.


Applying For Masters In Canada 

Academic Requirements

For a Master's admission programme in Canada, you need to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0-4.0 or its international equivalents like a UK 2:1. Also, an entry score such as Graduate Management Admission Test  ( GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination is also required. 


When it comes to language tests, you will be required to pass exams like IELTS or TOEFL If English is not your first language. Also, If you apply for a bilingual programme or a course taught solely in French, the same requirements will apply.

Application Process

The application for a Master's will be similar to other countries. You’ll be needing to submit the following documents requried as part of your application.

  • Application form
  • Copy of your qualifications & certificates
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Proof of English language Tests/French language proficiency
  • References/recommendation letter.
  • Letter of motivation / personal statement

After you applied, the faculty of your college will then asses your academic quality and will make a final decision on your admission. If you meet the requirement, you will receive a letter of admission. Then you’ll need to apply for a visa or scholarship and complete your enrolment. The cost of application fee will be anywhere between 45 CAD and -200 CAD.

Master’s Student Visa in Canada

The Master's Student Visa in Canada allows international students to pursue a master's degree at a Canadian university. It grants them temporary residency, enabling them to study full-time for the duration of their program. This visa provides an opportunity for students to gain a high-quality education and contribute to Canada's academic community. For international students, the fee to apply for a visa is 150 CAD/9,170 INR. Besides this, the fee for the biometric process will be up to 85 CAD.5,200 INR. To know more about Canada visa requirements, contact our professionals at Campus World, the top Abroad Education Consultants in Kochi.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Costs Of Pursuing Master’s In Canada

Entrance Test 

As an international student, you will need to pass the English language test to pursue your overseas education dream. The cost of English language proficiency tests varies depending on the test provider and location. Common tests like IELTS and TOEFL typically cost Rs 15,000 and 1,620 INR Respectively. 

Air Tickets 

The Air ticket from India to Canada depends on various factors including the type of flight class, boarding date and destination city and the flight you choose. It normally ranges from 1 lakh to two lakhs.

Medical Test

The Government of Canada's Immigration Department has designated specified physicians for the medical screening of student visa applications.  The charges are determined by the type of tests required as well as the location.

Tuition Fees

Most of the master's programmes in Canada require international students to pay the first year's tuition in advance. Also, it will depend on the university you opted to study. If you’d like to have any further inquiries about master's tuition fees in Canada, our experts at Campus World, one of the top Study Abroad Agencies in Kerala can help you out.

Cost Of Living

When it comes to the cost of living, On-campus housing costs somewhere between INR 1,50,000 and 4,50,000 per year, while off-campus housing costs roughly INR 7,00,000 per year. The cost of transportation can up to between INR 4000-7000.