How to find the perfect part-time jobs abroad for students

  • Posted on March 21, 2023
How to find the perfect part-time jobs abroad for students

When studying abroad, you may discover that working part-time can help you pay a few extra bills or fund leisure activities out of your budget. If you've considered working while studying abroad, you're not alone; many international students look for jobs during their education. And Campus World, the best Study Abroad Consultancies in Kerala is here to clear your doubts.

When looking for a job, it is important to consider several factors, such as the laws in your country of study and whether there is a limit to the number of hours you can work which is entirely based on your visa type. Many countries have varied restrictions when it comes to work available to international students, so it’s necessary to check them before applying for jobs.

Part-time work in your destination country cannot be included in your 'proof of funding' for student visa reasons. You might already know what you want to do, but if not, we've compiled a list of some of the most common and easily accessible part-time jobs for international students.


Part-Time Jobs For International Students 

At University 

Working on campus is one of the easiest options for international students. In certain countries, the USA, working within the institution is the only option for international students throughout their first year of undergraduate education. The experts at our overseas education consultancies in Kochi point out that working for a student union is another option on campus. This is an excellent opportunity to assist other university students.

Working on campus as an international student will allow you to meet new people, enhance your language abilities, and gain useful experience. Since many students work on campus, you will most likely spend more time with your university friends.

Restaurants and Bars 

Several jobs are available in nearby towns and cities bars, restaurants, and cafés, and this is one of the simplest ways to grab work. Restaurants are always seeking new employees, so you should have no trouble finding work. Depending on your expertise and skills, you could work as a waiter, barmaid, or even in the kitchen.

This type of job may include good communication skills, but there are sometimes no formal qualifications for previous work experience. It means you'll most likely be able to get work in a restaurant, which could be a great option for an international student.

Customer service-related jobs 

Customer service-related job postings are a typical place to start your career search. Customer service jobs are frequently part-time and suitable to first-time job searchers due to on-the-job training and flexible work arrangements. It is an excellent opportunity to learn numerous interpersonal skills, and some organisations even provide additional training or professional development to help you advance your career inside the organisation. If you enjoy connecting with people and are concerned about how people are greeted, this may be an area of interest for you.


You will be able to find an internship within a company relevant to your subject of study, often known as co-op or placement. Being an intern provides you with valuable experience and opens up countless options. Depending on the location and your topic of study, you may even be hired by the corporation once you finish your studies. In any event, an internship will provide you with a wealth of experience relevant to your field of study, allowing you to view it as both an employment chance and a means of earning useful experience in your profession.


There are several volunteer options available for overseas students to gain experience and meet new people. Volunteering is one of the more fulfilling and intriguing career options, and one of the most significant benefits of volunteering is the variety of positions accessible. Volunteers have more various work opportunities, so you should be able to choose one that you enjoy. Many firms and organisations are looking for volunteers, so this is an excellent opportunity for overseas students to become involved and get valuable experience. Volunteering also provides international students with a plethora of opportunities, as well as work experience and a more diverse CV.

Term Time Works and Summer Jobs

Finally, if you are not comfortable working during term time or during your study weeks, you can locate part-time or full-time hours during the summer, when you do not have any classes. Our study abroad agencies in Kerala will be able to guide you through the whole process if you have further questions regarding part-time jobs abroad.

Depending on your circumstances, you can still work part-time hours and may even be allowed to keep the same part-time employment throughout the calendar year, whether it is during your study weeks or not. You might also consider what kind of profession you want to pursue after graduation and find a student job that will provide you with valuable experience.