5 Interesting Study Abroad Courses of the Future

  • Posted on February 18, 2022
5 Interesting Study Abroad Courses of the Future

For students who aspire to study in foreign universities the course options to choose from are vast. With rapidly changing technology and upgrades, it is critical that you select a course that is both current and relevant in the future. Study Abroad Consultants offers a guide to choose the top 5 Interesting Study Abroad Courses of the Future

To choose the right course for you, here are a couple of tips. What are your career goals? Research and understand if the courses you choose are backed by your academic background. Shortlist the country you wish to study abroad followed by the universities you would like to apply to. Study Abroad Consultants can guide you to understand the latest covid guidelines for the country you choose. 

New Trends and Scope 

A significant amount of Indians opt for higher studies in foreign universities. According to Business Standard, the number of Indian students choosing for higher studies grew from 440,000 in 2016 to 770,000 in 2019. This number is estimated to reach 1.8 million by the year 2024. 
The trend with increasing numbers of Indian students opting for foreign education is driven by factors such as higher living standards, a better quality of education and gaps with the education system in India. 
Once you decide to opt for higher studies abroad, the next big question is which course to choose. Students must select majors that take into account their abilities and interests while also providing a means for them to make a livelihood. Another factor is the demand for the course. 

How to find the right study abroad course? 

It is recommended for students choosing higher studies to focus on courses best for the years to come. Students choosing a course need to evaluate how they will apply the abilities learned in their degree to land a career. This might help you limit your primary options. 
Another problem is a lack of available jobs. Jobs such as Accounting, finance, and nursing employment are simpler to find due to a dearth of skilled professions. Choosing the correct major at the right moment, taking into account all criteria, makes it a beneficial option for you.

5 Interesting Study Abroad Courses of the Future

Given the wide range of options for future study abroad courses our team has shortlisted 5 courses that will provide a safe career and steady income in the future. Below are 5 courses to study abroad  in 2022:


With Covid-19, we see an exponential digital transformation. This has increased security risks and cyber-attacks. This is where Ethical Hacking plays an important role. Ethical hackers are professionals who analyze security vulnerabilities in an organization's network and fix them. 
According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, cybersecurity jobs would grow by 33% by 2030.  Currently, there is a dearth of skilled cybersecurity analysts, hence it has higher chances of employment


Biotechnology is a blend of technology and biology. The field of biotechnology is working on how technology can be used to improve the quality of life of people. 
A skilled professional in Biotechnology can contribute to various sectors like pharmaceutical, farming, gene therapy and many more. The significance of biotechnology professionals has increased after covid-19. 


The use of mathematical methods to analyze economic policies is called Econometrics.  With a degree in econometrics, you can work in the finance sector. Other options involve a job profile as a compliance officer or in auditing.
With a degree in Econometrics, you can pursue a career in bank insurance companies, market risk analyst or business analyst in a financial company.
If you have an inclination for teaching, you can also consider working as an economics teacher. 

Construction management

Construction managers deal with planning, coordinating and budgeting projects from the start to their end. With growing business and population the demand for construction management remains high in future study abroad courses.
The course will teach to manage both small and large scale projects. Different types of sites managed by construction managers include commercial, agricultural or residential sites.      


Healthcare has gained prominence with the outbreak of Covid-19 more than ever. The impact of the pandemic is very positive on healthcare and it is projected to grow more in the future. 
The growth for registered nurses has increased since there is a huge gap of registered nurses in the medical field. There is also a surge of opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. The health sector is in focus more than ever. Nations worldwide have increased the budget for the healthcare industry.
On completing your schooling or bachelor degree, you have to select a course to study abroad that matches your interest. In today’s age, there is a vast range of options. The above-mentioned courses have excellent prospects in future.

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