Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Europe

  • Posted on December 07, 2023
Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Europe

For international students, studying in the renowned colleges of Europe is an exciting dream of their lives. However, the cost of living in a new country, like in Europe, can be quite high. Many international students seek part-time jobs to support themselves financially and gain work experience while studying. Luckily, Europe comes up with a vast array of opportunities for international students to find part-time jobs during their studies to mitigate their financial burden. From hospitality and retail to tutoring and documentation work, various industries and positions cater to the needs and class schedules of international students. This blog ‘Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Europe’ explores some of the best part-time job options for international students like students from India in Europe, providing you valuable insights and tips by our Overseas Education Consultants In Kochi for those looking to make the most of their time in Europe.

Why Part-time Jobs are Important While Studying Abroad?

The significance of part-time jobs for students studying in Europe goes beyond earning income; it has become a profound platform to develop their personal and professional aspects. The first and foremost is, of course, the financial support! When your tuition fees, living and travel expenses are met properly yourself, you feel a great sense of peace of mind and can concentrate completely on academics and related activities. 

Moreover, part-time jobs provide students with a great opportunity to engage with the natives, allowing them to know more about the country's culture and traditions, which helps to expand their global perspectives.

Furthermore, these jobs help students acquire valuable life skills such as time management, problem-solving, and strong communication, which are invaluable assets that upgrade their academic studies and their upcoming career prospects. Also, working part-time allows students to build professional networks and gain practical work experience that can make them stand out in the competitive job market after graduation or any such course. Ultimately, part-time jobs enhance the overall study abroad experience, empowering students to grow personally and professionally while creating lifelong memories and connections.

Major Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Europe

Our Study abroad consultants in Ernakulam are here to help you with the major part-time jobs available for international students in Europe. Even though there will be slight changes from country to country, the following are the major fields in which one can find part-time jobs. Always remember that while studying abroad, your key to mitigating financial burden and acquiring work behaviour of the foreign country. 

Campus Jobs

If you are an on-campus student, campus jobs are the most suitable opportunity to work part-time. One reason is that the work environment is familiar to you, makes makes you comfortable to work. Through on-campus jobs, you can earn between €8 – €12 per hour, which is rather a good amount for handling your living expenses in a foreign country. These jobs include job roles in campus events, library, and administration. 

Retail Jobs

You can engage in retail jobs like roles as cashier, stock clerk, or sales associate in shops as part-time jobs. If you are thinking about what is the benefit more than earning, it is the customer interaction. With such kinds of jobs, you can learn the local culture of the area and get acquainted with a lot of locals which benefits you in your further living in the country. In this job, you can also earn €8 – €12 per hour, but with varied work hours. 


If you are someone who is interested in helping students by teaching specific subjects, these kinds of jobs are the best for you. If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can go forward with this option of a part-time job. Above all, you can earn between €15 – €30 per hour according to your confidence in teaching, expertise in the particular subject, and demand of the subject. 

Research Assistant

Another great opportunity in the field of part-time jobs is the job role of the research assistant. In your university, there will be vacancies that call the research assistants to be a helping hand to scholars in documenting and assisting them in their academic activities. This helps you to gain €8 – €14 per hour and develop your knowledge in the respective area of the research. Also, you can have better expertise in your studies along with acquiring relevant work experience which benefits you in the future. 

Hospitality and Restaurants

The field of hospitality and restaurants can be said as one of the sectors where international students seek jobs. The job roles include kitchen assistants, bartenders, and waitstaffs in hotels and cafes. You can earn between €9 – €12 per hour which may vary significantly with the tips you receive. Usually, restaurants and cafes call for many openings, don’t worry, this job awaits you!


If you have creative talents, worry no more! Your proficiency in graphic design, web development, and writing is welcome in Europe. You can market your expertise and attract projects based on your talents. You can research famous platforms like Glassdoor or LinkedIn to know the average pay for the respective kinds of projects. Thus, without going to any other locations, you can earn a good sum of money through freelancing with your skills. 

As the saying goes, “Where there's a will, there's a way”, it is all about the depth of your desire to give anything that you wish and reach any heights that you long for. If you wish to have a rich European academic experience, then wait no more! Consult us, and get the best assistance ever!