Pros and Cons of Studying in France

  • Posted on March 23, 2022
Pros and Cons of Studying in France

Studying abroad is a terrific way for many people to broaden their minds, learn about a new culture, and meet new people—all while continuing their academic careers! Studying in another nation may help you build confidence and problem-solving abilities, both of which are vital personal and professional talents. Among other nations available to students across the world, Study in France has a separate fan base. So today we will weigh in on the Pros and Cons of Studying in France

Studying Abroad in France

Studying in France is the ideal way to become immersed in French culture and lifestyle while also enhancing your French language abilities. In Nice, you may experience the allure of Paris and the French Riviera. Overseas educational consultants in Kerala for France will make your goal of studying in France come true, regardless of the city you pick for your study abroad program in France.

 Why study in France? 

The first reason to study in France is relatively generic but quite significant. Studying in France, or any other foreign country gives you worldwide experience. Gaining foreign experience helps you to see the world in a different light, better appreciate cultural differences, and adjust to a different way of life. As a result, studying abroad may be regarded as an exceptionally beneficial experience in terms of personal growth.

Furthermore, in today's hyperconnected world, foreign experience is more valuable than ever. Businesses are constantly searching for workers with foreign experience because it demonstrates a desire to learn, take risks, and appreciate people from diverse backgrounds. The opportunity to obtain foreign experience is motivation enough to study in France on its own.

Another compelling argument to study in France is the country's long history of providing high-quality education. France is one of the most active markets for commercial prospects in the world, with access to the vast European single market. Another excellent incentive to study in France is to become acquainted with French business, whether via your education or in a professional role. France is home to some of the world's greatest business schools, making it an excellent spot to begin your career. 

What to Expect When You Study in France 


  • Courses are also taught in the English Language

Yes, you may learn English in France. When it comes to academics, France has steadily reduced linguistic barriers. In France, several master's programs are taught in English. Engineering and other technical disciplines are taught entirely in English. You will become acquainted with French if you spend a significant amount of time in France. If you want to stay, this will be advantageous in the future. Furthermore, there are just two tests every semester—oral and written—and they are rigorous. So study hard for your exams!

  • The Cost of living is not that cheap

The typical student in France spends roughly €600-800 per month, depending on where they study and the sort of accommodation they live in. Living in student dormitories will cost you between €150 and €350 per month. However, in Paris, a student room costs roughly €400 and may cost up to €800 if you live in a private home. You may save money on transportation by purchasing a monthly Pass Navigo (metro card) for 75€ for all zones, which lets you use the metro, bus, RER (suburban rail), and transilien (outer city trains).


  • Knowing to speak French is a boon

If you plan on staying for longer than a year, you may choose to study and work in France. Moving to another nation is usually difficult, especially if you do not speak the language. The majority of French people are proud of their ability to communicate in French. As a result, you should have a rudimentary understanding of the language. Staying with a host family is the finest way to learn or practice French while also getting a personal "in" to the culture. While it might seem like you're back at home with your parents at times, it's also an exciting experience learning how to live with new people in a new culture.

Pros of studying in France


  • Ask anybody who has been to France to study abroad, and they will rant on about the pros of studying in France.
  • A tradition of high-quality education
  • Many options for international students
  • A great place for scientists
  • Attractive tuition fees
  • Cheap transportation
  • A robust economy with a bright future
  • Exciting startups
  • Get your dream job here

Cons of studying in France

  • Like any place in the world, there are a few cons of studying in France as well.
  • Frustrating French Bureaucracy
  • Language Barrier
  • High cost of living even in nonprime cities
  • Exorbitant Private Universities Fees

In conclusion, rather than asking “why study in France?”, start asking yourself how to study in France and take that leap of faith with reputed Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala for France like Campus World. We will guide you through each and every step for a stress-free experience.