Short Term Study Abroad Programs for International Students

  • Posted on June 24, 2022
Short Term Study Abroad Programs for International Students

Why Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

A short-term study abroad program is a miniature experience of studying abroad. Such courses can be beneficial for people with a limited period to dedicate to learning. Short-term study abroad programs need less commitment period when compared to long-term study abroad courses. But you will still get a comprehensive and quality education for the valuable time you spend abroad.

Short-term study abroad programs are also one of the favorite study abroad programs for students with a limited budget. It is because the Universities or institutions abroad offer these programs for a much cheaper rate compared to regular courses. Your short period of stay abroad helps to keep your living expenses minimal. It also leaves less chance for you to get into expensive and intimidating things abroad.


How Long Is A Short Course?

Short-term courses offered abroad can usually last anywhere within the range of 2 to 10 weeks. But it is ideal to choose programs that last for at least four weeks. It is to ensure that you get enough time to experience a taste of life abroad. It also helps to get the maximum value out of the money you are spending on the trip.


Types of Short-Term Courses Abroad

There are three main types of short-term study abroad programs available. All of these serve a different purpose and provide different experiences than the other. So you might want to take a moment to think about which program would suit you better. Here is everything that you need to know about which will help you find short study abroad programs of your choice:


Short-Term Programs Offered by Language Schools

Languages schools offer their students a variety of foreign language courses as their primary program. Some of these schools also provide short-term courses that don't usually offer university or college credits to those who complete these programs. These programs are all about the experience of living abroad and getting to know their culture and language. You will also be taking part in a lot of social activities.


University-Sponsored Short-Term Programs

University-sponsored short-term study abroad programs are short-term courses offered by universities or schools on their campus without any intermediary. In these programs, academic learning and language learning are given more priority than travel and culture. They also guarantee academic credits for students upon the completion of the program.

Short-Term Programs Offered Through University And Third-Party Partnerships

In this type of short-term study abroad program, third parties like Cultural Experiences Abroad(CEA) partner up with international universities to arrange short-term courses. Students can use most of the facilities available on the campus, just like any regular student of that university or school. Academic credits may or may not be granted as it depends upon the policy of the third-party intermediary.


Short Term Study Abroad Programs for International Students

Studying abroad is one of the fascinating aspects for a student looking for a career abroad. Universities abroad have come up with different short-term courses for people who don't have the money and time to complete long-term courses abroad. Listed below are some of the best short-term courses that will help you find short study abroad programs that suit your interest:

Oxford Royale Academy, England

Oxford Royal Academy is a British Council-accredited university that provides a two-week short-term study program to students from abroad besides its regular courses. You can pick one core subject for the course from a variety of options such as engineering, archaeology, chemistry, etc. They also provide accommodation for their students in one of the colleges owned by Oxford University in England.

University of Cambridge, England

The University of Cambridge provides a four-week short-term study program that is suitable for students who have completed their bachelor's degrees. Students will be accommodated in the historic college campus of Cambridge University. Classes will be conducted by the scholars of Cambridge University and offer you an opportunity to interact with students from all over the world.

Institute of Technology in Massachusetts, USA

Institute of Technology in Massachusetts provides engineering management courses for two weeks. The main focus of this program is to mold you into an entrepreneur. Tutors will take classes on basic functional knowledge needed for an entrepreneur. You will be given insights on different consultancy projects and can also meet managers of various industry-leading businesses.

Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany

Hamburg School of Business Administration provides a two-week short-term study program that helps you build good business ethics. They take classes on the importance of corporates being socially responsible and the need for sustainability in the field of business. They also provide interactive sessions with managers from various industry-leading businesses.

The University of Sydney, Australia

This six-week short-term study program provided by the University of Sydney is a great opportunity for students who aspire to have a career in Australia. This program enables students to be familiar with the work culture in Australia. You can pick from a variety of subjects such as architecture, finance, marketing, etc. This program also teaches students to apply their academic learning in real-time situations.


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