Stay Back Option for International Students in Canada

  • Posted on October 15, 2021
Stay Back Option for International Students in Canada

Canada is a land of promise for many students across the world. Each year, they welcome thousands of students in both intakes. Being home to some of the top universities in the world, they offer attractive options for Stay back in Canada for international students after completing courses that are longer than 8 months in duration. Students can Stay Back by applying for Work Permit in Canada. In fact, Students are most likely to select the Stay back option for international students in Canada after getting higher Education from Canada and prefer to settle there for a promising future by applying for PR.
How long can international students stay in Canada after graduation?
Over the last few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of international students who study in Canada and then stay back after completion of their Degree. Canadian Residency is being offered to almost all nationalities from across the world. The duration of stay back allowed depends majorly on the course duration opted. Once you complete the stipulated course time, you may become eligible to work or live in Canada for 2-3 years and there are several opportunities in Canada awaiting. However please note that not all courses done in Canada are eligible for stay back. Any students who attend a course that is under 8 months of duration are not eligible for a stay back.
The time limit to apply for a work permit visa in Canada is within 180 days of course completion. Otherwise, the application will not be accepted. Once the same is submitted, they will scrutinize the application and will allow stay back duration as mentioned below: 


  • 1 year of Stay back: Students could stay back for a maximum duration of 1 year if they enrolled in a 1-year study program
  • 2-3 years stay back: Usually one can stay back only as long as the duration of the program/course attended in Canada. However, students who completed the 2 years course may get approval for up to 3 years to work or live in Canada.

There are some speculations of getting a 3-year stay back if you complete 2 individual courses of 1-year duration, but there is no guarantee on the same.

Stay back option for international students in Canada

If you are an international student who has completed studies at a recognized & designated learning institution and looking to work in Canada, you must apply for and be granted a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). Usually, the maximum hours allowed per week for international students, while studying, is 20 hours. So if you had been working the 20 allowed hours per week while you were still a full-time student, then you can start to work full time(30 hours and more per week), at the end of your final semester. This can happen only if your study permit is still in force. You can continue to work seamlessly if you apply for your PGWP while your study permit is still valid. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • Studied in Canada for the last eight months without a break.
  • Have completed, from any reputed Canadian institute, any type of full-time degree program that exceeds 8 months
  • You have the official document or authorization letter for successful completion of your degree program from the Institute, especially in the case of a post-graduate work permit in Canada
  • Application for the work permit is submitted within 3 months of the completion of your study program.
  • The student visa is still valid while applying for a work permit in Canada after graduation

There are specific Work permit rules in Canada after study that needs to be kept in mind, which as listed below : 

  • You are eligible to apply for a permanent residence under a system called Canadian Experience Class if you have completed any course from a reputed Canadian institute with a duration of 2 years. You also need to have work experience of 1 year in any skilled position.
  • Provincial Nominee Program is another system through which you can be eligible for permanent residentship. The skill and experience of a successful applicant will be a required contribution to the economy of a specific province or territory.
  • According to a point system that was introduced in the new regulation effective from November 2016, an international student is entitled to earn 15 points if he or she completes a full time 1-2 year degree program after secondary education.
  • If you completed any course program of a duration of 3 years at a post-secondary level or a full-time Master’s program or a doctoral fellowship, you are eligible to earn 30 points.

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