Study Law in the UK

  • Posted on November 15, 2022
Study Law in the UK

With the rising demand for quality education, many aspirants are moving to the UK to find their ideal course. Law alumni are held high in this world and acquiring an international certificate is added as an achievable goal for many law scholars. Undeniably, UK universities and colleges provide you with the skill set and qualifications that you need, to earn respect all around the world. Many professional processes are carried out by law professionals. In fact, law graduates earn more in UK companies.

The thing about studying law is that, unlike many other courses, the law guarantees an impeccable career prospect. The patent lawyers and attorneys in a company are marked as the highest-paid professionals. The average salary of a barrister is around £89,200 gross per year.   

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Benefits of studying in the UK

Having a law graduate certificate can raise your standards to seek higher job possibilities and the course will let you learn practical thinking and feasible abilities that push you forward in your career goals. 

Global qualification

One of the main reasons to study in the UK is the globally recognized qualification. You can get hired to high-paying jobs just with this qualification. Also, you are introduced to wide traditions and cultures to explore. The qualification in law comprises intellectual learning and communication skills that promote independent thinking. 

There are many opportunities to develop essential skills such as law research to keep points that can defeat the opponent by mooting and negotiation.  

Widely accepted law practices

The law in the UK is special, it was developed more than 900 years back. The English court structure is used throughout the world. One-third of the world’s population resides in law jurisdictions or in structures mixed with civil law. The offered module provides internationally applicable knowledge, and many international students are coming to the UK to study European law. 


London is getting filled with more and more international arbitrations which will lead the way of making a kick start on your legal career.  

Less Duration of the course

Comparing the duration of courses in the US and Canada, the UK holds only a shorter duration. Normally, it includes 3 years of learning and a year of legal practice courses. After this, the graduates can take up applying for contracts in any law firm. Universities also offer 2-year programs called accelerated LLB programs.

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Different law degrees offered in UK universities

Bachelor's degrees in LLB and master's degrees in LLM are the usual types of law degrees that are referred to the international students. Other law courses that UK universities offer students are mentioned below.

  • LLB or Bachelor of Law.

  • GDL or Graduate Diploma in Law.

  • LLM or Master of Law.

  • Graduate LLB or Fast track LLB leading to a postgraduate degree in law.

  • QLTS or Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme.

  • BPTC or Bar Professional Training Course.

  • LPC or Law Practice Course.


Entry requirements for studying law


Different universities have various eligibility criteria for LLB programs. The general requirements for the standard programs are:

  • Evidence of English language proficiency: Accepted TOEFL score of above 80, IELTS score of 6.5 and above, not less than 6.0, and overall PTE score of 59 or more.  

  • Graduation certificates of class 12 need to be above 75%  to get into law school.

  • LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) or LSAT (Law School Admission Test) needs to be between 120 and 180.

  • You should be 18 years or above to get admission to law programs. 


Applying for LLB in the UK


  • Research many universities that offer LLB courses that you prefer to learn. 

  • Visit the official website of that university and check their eligibility, entry requirements, and documents.

  • Ensure they are ready before you apply for LLB. Upload all required documents that are asked. The process of the application would stand pending if full documents are not submitted. 

  • If the university accepts your application, they will assess your competence through an interview. They will inquire about the motive for selecting the program, your interests, hobbies, and the need of studying it at their university.

  • After passing the interview process, the university will contact you for further requirements. Admission procedures for courses can vary from one university to another.


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To sum up, the law is widely accepted as well as challenging. But the universities in the UK provide extra benefits to graduates than in any other country with legal principles and skill sets that are needed in practical aspects as well. They prepare the kids to be ideal in learning law content, principles, analysis, and practical skills for arguing and negotiating law in various ways. Mock courtrooms are in aid to help the graduates to learn the process by intaking valuable lessons that are needed in real-world settings.