Top Master's Degrees Indian Students Can Study Abroad

  • Posted on September 08, 2021
Top Master's Degrees Indian Students Can Study Abroad

The Job market has become extremely competitive in the last few years. The global pandemic and the overall recession have not helped us at all. Nowadays having just a graduate degree will not suffice to climb up the corporate ladder in India. More and more people are opting to pursue a master’s degree for a more secure career. And because we know how vital it is to search for the best Master's studies that you can obtain abroad, Study abroad consultants in Ernakulam have compiled a list of the most sought-after Master’s courses that degrees students intend to study abroad.

Why Study a Master's Abroad?

The International Exposure

One of the main advantages of doing a Master’s degree abroad is the quality of education from a highly ranked world-class university. It offers access to broaden one’s horizon with academic excellence from esteemed professors. Foreign universities are known for great facilities and modern academic resources. Another great perk is the welcoming attitude towards international students.  

Enhance your Worth

Statistically speaking, people with a Master’s from abroad have more job opportunities after graduating. Many universities offer the stay back option to work for a couple of years and that work experience will add value to the resume. Returning to the same country for a PR becomes easier with the exposure received. Many parents insist on taking Masters abroad for Indian students to secure their future.

Sharpen your language and communication skills

Studying abroad in a foreign country with a rich culture and unique language will let you interact with people of different ethnicities. The majority of the foreign universities offer Masters Degree to be pursued in English itself. But living there, you can pick up on few other languages as well. 

Enhance your confidence 

Choosing your classes and preparing for exams course assignments will be some of your first steps to independence as a student in a foreign country. Besides leaving your comfort zone to venture out to discover the world is an enthralling experience that is bound to boost your confidence and personality by learning to conquer your fears.


Top Master's Degrees Indian Students Can Study Abroad

Masters in Business Administration (MBAs)

MBA has become inevitable for business-oriented students who wish to thrive in today’s fluctuating economy. Business Administration is the type of degree that will equip you with the skills necessary to take the big, bold decisions when it comes to business strategies & learn how to oversee a company’s performance. Obtaining an MBA degree abroad helps you to earn a globally recognized degree and explore various job opportunities in India and abroad with higher salaries and career development.

For Indian students, it is recommended to take an MBA degree from reputed universities in countries like Austria, Spain and Denmark. 

Masters in International Relations

The internet has brought the world closer and globalisation is the next big thing since we live in an interconnected world. India has many foreign investments by large corporate and our future depends on how we manage our relations with these foreign companies and international organizations.

Masters in International Relations is a high profile degree because they offer a broad view of how international political systems interact and the impact they have on the global society and politics. They prepare our young generation for prestigious careers in diplomacy, government, and the non-governmental sector. Famous Masters degrees in international relations are available in the US, Germany and France. 

Masters in Computer Science

Masters in Computer Science courses equip the students with a concrete foundational understanding of information science and technology development. Computer theory and practice enhance a student’s ability to grasp the complexities of the field of computer science. The world’s best universities for a master’s degree in computer science are found abroad and they provide students with practical knowledge through which students are fully capable of designing and coding computer applications.

New inventions in the world using technological systems are developed by the advances made in the field of Computer science which has several categories including Artificial intelligence which is believed to be the future of the world. One of the most in-demand degree programs in the world is MS in Computer Science in the USA. Moreover, students choose to apply to top US universities for masters in computer science to gain next-level knowledge and lucrative job opportunities with amazing remunerations. 

Masters in Economics

Economics is the study of how we use our resources, why economic decisions are made and ultimately how they impact our society. Studying money management and how it works gives you a valuable skill. Choosing to study economics abroad will give you the necessary skills that many top-level employers are constantly looking for.

Studying economics abroad exposes you to a new culture and advanced way of life. It will assist to discover new strategies that bring game-changing improvements in the fiscal and business components of a business organisation. It will also guide future economists to analyse economic principles and use them effectively in our country.

Why is Abroad Education Consultant important for your Master’s degree?

With hundreds of courses and countless universities abroad, choosing the right one that suits your preference is of paramount importance. Learning topics that are relevant to your field is important, but a wrong choice of syllabus or university can become very overwhelming for students to complete their courses. Besides, these Masters from abroad is anything but cheap. It is a big investment for your future career and should not be in vain. 

Reputed Overseas education consultants in Kochi can help you to properly weigh your choices and get feedback from students who have already done their masters in these foreign universities. Also, you will get first-hand knowledge of the living and working conditions of these countries, especially the financial aspects of it. 

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