Top MS Programs at National College of Ireland

  • Posted on July 09, 2022
Top MS Programs at National College of Ireland

Ireland is known for its festive celebrations and has hosted some of the most spectacular events in the world. Their education system is also ranked among the top in the world. So it is no surprise that Ireland is one of the sought-after countries in the world among youth who dream of a good career abroad. But often, searching for institutions in other countries can be a hassle and tormenting experience. But with the assistance of Campus World, every hassle can be turned into a smooth sail so that you can study in Ireland. Here is a deep look into some of the top MS programs at the National College of Ireland.


National College of Ireland and Why should you enrol?


NCI is one of the 18 institutions included in the U-Multirank for Ireland. NCI functions as a small private college and a specialised academic institution and is ranked first in the area of graduate employment by The UK Sunday Times University Guide. The institution was established in the year 1951 and is located in the city of Dublin in Ireland. The NCI global ranking displays strong results over a wide range of variables. The college provides reputable credentials, a welcoming campus in the heart of the city, and first-rate student assistance. Its main objective is to guarantee that all of its students receive the help and encouragement deemed essential for reaching their full potential. 

There are several benefits to selecting the institution over all the other Irish colleges that provide graduate programmes. One of the most valuable aspects of their experience, in the opinion of the majority of students, is the community and atmosphere of the institution. The institute accepts students of practically all ages from all over the world as well as from within the region. You may discover a friendly staff and student community at this academic institution in Ireland. The college's small class sizes and welcoming atmosphere make it one of the most encouraging and enjoyable places for students to continue their higher education. The institution takes pride in offering outstanding student support, particularly to those who may be experiencing adjustment issues.

The college's purpose-built campus has tiered lecture halls, a large atrium centre, intimate executive boardrooms and suites, and contemporary computer labs. A total of 53 flats with separate study ensuite bedrooms make up the college's housing. Wi-Fi and laundry facilities are available in the homes. The college campus also has a gym, a library, student organisations, and dining facilities. Talented and seasoned full-time instructors, as well as associate staff members, work with the college. This institute's faculty members are authorities in their fields of study. All of the instructors have a strong dedication to teaching, the highest academic standards, and the necessary professional expertise.


Postgraduate Courses Available in NCI

NCI offers master's degrees in a variety of fields, including psychology, marketing, technology management, and early childhood education. Expert faculty members in small classroom settings deliver master's programmes at NCI, guaranteeing ideal student-teacher contact. The NCI Masters programmes have excellent industry-inputted design and development.

The NCI's academic strengths naturally focus on offering a variety of postgraduate courses created for the business and the industry given its location in the centre of the IFSC, or International Financial Services Centre. These programmes are offered in disciplines including business and computer science. The National Framework of Qualifications provides educational opportunities ranging from Foundation to PhD degrees. The state-run organisation Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) offers accreditations. International recognition exists for every accreditation

The master's programmes offered by the National College of Ireland are listed below:

  • Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

  • Master’s in Artificial Intelligence for Business

  • MA in Human Resource Management 

  • MSc in Cloud Computing 

  • MSc in Cybersecurity 

  • MSc in Data Analytics 

  • MSc in Entrepreneurship

  • Master's degrees in finance, 

  • Master's degrees in fintech,

  • Master's degrees in international business, 

  • Master’s in Human Resource Management 

  • Master’s in Marketing


The National College of Ireland's MBA, Business, Masters in Marketing or Finance, Masters in Management, and Masters in Human Resource Management are its most significant postgraduate programmes. Other postgraduate programmes at the National College of Ireland include master's degrees in cloud computing, web technologies, data analytics, and mobile technologies. The institution also provides a variety of certifications, foundations, higher degrees, and even pre-Master programmes, all of which offer excellent opportunities for continuing one's education and advancing one's profession.


How and When to Apply for Admission Into NCI, Ireland?


National College Ireland accepts students between September and January. The majority of National College courses are available for the January intake as well. You should start your application process six to eight months earlier if you intend to apply for a master's degree in Ireland. Documents proving the student's identification and credentials are submitted with the paper application to National College Ireland. Along with English language test results, letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose are also necessary.

The deadline for NCI postgraduate applications is the same for both domestic and foreign students. Both the academic requirements and the postgraduate English requirements at NCI must be met by all overseas students. Before enrolling in any academic programme offered by the institution, international students who do not speak English as their first language must get the required score on an English language test that has been properly approved. As proof of English ability, degrees from certain English-speaking nations are also acceptable.


Postgraduate Entry Requirement at National College of Ireland


55 per cent or 5.5 CGPA is the minimum requirement for admission to the National College of Ireland. The minimum score for various English language tests required to secure admission into NCI are given below:

  • An overall band score of 6.0 and no component with a score below 5.5 IELTS are the minimum requirements for admission to the National College of Ireland. An IELTS score of 6.5 is needed for the popular courses.

  • The National College of Ireland requires a TOEFL score of 78, and a score of 86 is required for popular courses like Data Analytics.

  • The National College of Ireland requires a PTE score of 58 overall.

  • The National College of Ireland requires a DET score of 105 overall.


Campus World highly rates The National College of Ireland as one of the top colleges in the world to complete your master’s. A taste of their hospitality and fascinating culture along with a smooth sail into your career dreamland is what the college offers its students. The affordable course fee charged by the institution also makes it one of Campus World’s most recommended study abroad options for students aspiring for a bright future. Ireland’s rich history of accommodating people from different countries also ticks the box for Campus World to recommend for youth who dream of a successful career abroad.