Top Study Abroad Intakes for Indian Students

  • Posted on July 19, 2021
Top Study Abroad Intakes for Indian Students

Many students aspire to study abroad and there is a certain time of the year before which they need to complete their admission processes. Colleges and universities in foreign countries have dual/multiple intakes in an academic year unlike a single intake in the Indian education system. Students who apply for any of the universities in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand or the UK can choose from more than one intake each year. For instance, you can always try for the next intake in January instead of waiting for a complete one year in case you missed the Spring intake this year. Overseas education consultants in cochin can help you with the latest updates amidst the pandemic.


Top countries to study abroad after Covid-19?

  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom


1.New Zealand

New Zealand is anticipating more than usual traffic in this academic year. New Zealand was one of the few countries that were declared Covid free in this pandemic. Besides they are home to many of the world’s top-ranking universities like the University of Auckland and the University of Otago. Effective leadership and medical facilities were able to contain COVID-19 when most countries succumbed to the pressure.

Numerous international students flock to the nation for its state-of-the-art education system every year. The affordable living costs and welcoming nature of the residents are a few of the thousands of reasons to choose New Zealand.



Canada has always been and will remain to be in the list of best countries to study abroad. The pandemic has not changed the fact that the nation is quite a popular destination among international students. Canadian has flexible immigration policies clubbed with an all-encompassing education system. There are excellent universities that are world-renowned and the rate of applications are also pretty high. Many people avail student loans and scholarships to fulfil their dreams of studying in Canada



Australia has always been popular with international students. During the pandemic, Australian universities are one of the very few universities that offer reduced tuition fees to international students.

The gesture of decreasing the fee structure is an excellent method to help the students that seek admissions within the country. So you can expect lucrative personal loan interest rates and fee-waivers.


4.United Kingdom

The UK is often known as the educational hub of the world and has consistently been the most sought-after study destination for Indian students after the USA. The importance that institutions and universities in the UK give to education allows students to continue their studies as usual.

Universities in the United Kingdom, including the University of Essex, are working towards students’ welfare even amid the pandemic. Some universities in the UK are even reconfiguring their course curricula to align with the requirements of their students.


Timeline for 2021 Intakes

  • Thorough research (10-12 Months): Start at least 10-12 months before you plan to fly abroad to ensure that you get into a great university and program. Once you have finalised the country, you should shortlist programs that align with your academic interests and career goals. Check the cost involved and how it matches your preferences with regards to location, class size courses offered and networking opportunities.


  • Preparation for standardized tests (9-10 Months):  You will get a general idea about the admission requirements after identifying universities and programs to apply to. Normally, universities require applicants to pass English Language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Standardized tests like the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, or MCAT are also common. The respective threshold scores for these tests are easily available on the university website. Keep aside at least 2-3 months for their preparations.


  • Prepare your Applications (7-8 Months): Universities require applicants to submit a statement of purpose, letters of recommendations and their academic transcripts to get a better understanding of the candidate. If you are a working professional, you might be required to submit a portfolio of work for some specific programs and universities. You also need to show proof of finances including bank statements. Take sufficient time before uploading the same to the university application portal.


  • Accept Offers (3-4 Months): It is likely that you will receive offers from multiple universities if all goes well. Typically, universities allot applicants a month to confirm their enrolment within which you have to pay the deposit amount to the university to accept the offer. Once remitted, a refund is not usually possible, so weigh your decision carefully. Consider the quality of the university and program, how well aligned it is to you your career goals and the ultimate return on investment before making any decisions.


  • Apply for your visa (2-3 Months): In order to apply for a student visa, you’ll need to submit a valid university offer, academic transcripts and a covering letter along with the proof of finances. In addition to this, you might need to undergo a medical examination and even submit your biometrics and.
  • Prepare to fly (1-2 Months): Once you get the offer and the student visa, start making arrangements for your accommodation and healthcare insurance. Consider getting an international credit/debit card before flying to your destination.


Upcoming Intakes To Study Abroad

Since there is a massive influx of students in foreign universities, they offer more than one intake to accommodate the number of students who join each semester. Students will also get more flexibility and time to decide when they wish to take admission and begin their studies. Usually, there are 2 intakes, one in the fall season(starts in September and ends in December) and the other one in the spring season(starts in January and ends in May). The former sees maximum enrollment and hence the approval rates are slightly lower as the universities have to scrutinize their applications. Similarly, the latter has lesser enrolment and higher approvals. Another key difference is the fall intake can offer more on-campus work opportunities compared to the spring intake. So contact Campus World which is the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi to see if you are late to apply for the upcoming intake. All the best!