8 Truths Every Student Studying Abroad Can Relate To

  • Posted on December 14, 2021
8 Truths Every Student Studying Abroad Can Relate To

Why should you study abroad?

Let's be honest: the prospect of studying abroad is as exciting as it is intimidating. You may be wondering, "Should I study abroad despite the obstacles?" These study abroad facts will persuade you otherwise. The path from initially considering an abroad programme to actually setting foot on a university campus on the other side of the planet may appear to be a daunting task. However, proper planning and an optimistic attitude may go a long way toward making your aspirations a reality! It appears frightening, yet it is also quite attainable. Here are 8 Truths Every Student Studying Abroad Can Relate To.

Truths of Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad Can Be Expensive

Without a doubt, the expense of studying overseas is more than the cost of education in India. The price will vary depending on criteria such as the university, location, and length of the programme. As a result, it is critical to choose institutions that are within your financial means. Another approach to look at money is from the perspective of long-term return on investment rather than present expenditure.

Homesickness Hits You Hard

It is true that you will appreciate what you have only once it is gone. Well technically not gone in this case, but still, the weight of homesickness is much more than we give credit for. Many things on your daily routine will remind you of your hometown, parents, friends, school, the list simply goes on. 

Can Meet And Befriend People of Several Ethnicities

Probably the best part of studying abroad is the amount of knowledge you will gain just by interacting with people from different nations. Pretty soon we will realise that there are so many things in common and yet so vastly different as well. Sharing homesickness together can lead to lifelong friendships.

Binge Watching Becomes Your Favourite Hobby

Netflix, Prime, Hulu, etc all become your constant companions. Shows that you previously avoided could become your favourite. Since there is plenty of free/idle time, binge-watching late into the night is a shared interest among all international students. Unless you are the bookworm type who spends all their waking hours buried in a book, binge-watching would consume a good portion of your time. 

Get Used To Hangovers 

Without the looming presence of your parents constantly timing your every visit outside the house, parties can extend to the next morning. Unsupervised alcohol consumption can be hazardous and leave you with hangovers that feel like splitting your head into a million pieces. You may vow to never touch another bottle in your life. That is until the next party at least. 

Language Is Not A Barrier

Many students wonder if they will be able to get around in a strange foreign country without knowing their language. You will be surprised to know that language is never a barrier to average communication. Since tourists come round the year, English is commonly known by even the street vendors. In fact, there are plenty of mobile applications that can easily translate your words for you. So quit worrying, start exploring. Who knows, maybe In the process you may learn a language or two.

Learn To Live Independently

Living independently will only happen once you start practising it. Learning to manage the finances, household chores and finishing assignments on time can be achieved over time. On top of that, your part-time job would also demand much of your time. So you will learn about time management too. Students often appreciate the efforts that their parents have put in for them once they start experiencing the agony of making ends meet themselves. 

Experience The Change In Yourself 

Among all the reasons to study abroad, changing your perception of the world stand tall. The life lessons learned by spending your time and energy trying to survive your daily tasks will definitely come in handy in the future. Besides, you will be setting a much higher bar for your achievements than the ones you earlier thought in life. Adversities bring people together and true friends that support you at all costs are rare. So hold on to the ones you make abroad.  It is quite liberating to live an untethered life away from the comfort of your home. The consequences of bad and good choices will become more clear with experience. All in all, you will be a changed person from the study abroad experience. 

In conclusion, dreaming about a higher standard of living and actually achieving it, is two different things. If you wish to act in your’s or your child’s best interest, consult one of the best study abroad consultants in Cochin, Kerala - Campus World. With decades of experience and thousands of students being sent abroad each year, Campus World can guide you to make the best decisions about your future.