Why do Indian Students Prefer Pursuing Higher Studies Abroad?

  • Posted on May 25, 2023
Why do Indian Students Prefer Pursuing Higher Studies Abroad?

Why do Indian Students prefer pursuing higher studies abroad? Well, you are not the only one puzzled about the question. Most people wonder the same. The number of students migrating overseas to find quality education and set a career abroad is increasing daily. As per the Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala, around 18 lakh Indian students are expected to study abroad by 2024. 

Canada, the UK and the US, and Germany are among the famous study-abroad destinations in the globe. In this blog about ‘Why do Indian Students Prefer pursuing higher studies abroad’, we’ll explore the reason behind it. 

Best Countries To Study Abroad 

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Spain

Key Reasons Why Indian Students Choose Abroad

Quality Education

There are so many reasons abroad universities offer so much quality education compared to Indian universities. Multicultural environments greatly influence the learning experience of the students. Career opportunities and interactive curriculum, with research and practical learning, are giving a new perspective to students which is entirely different from Indian universities.

Job Opportunities and Higher Salary 

As we all know, One of the main reasons students study abroad is for better job opportunities. People who have completed their higher education abroad are valued more than individuals who attend domestic universities. International qualifications enable them to earn higher wages and have more work opportunities. Organisations also prefer to collaborate with applicants who have international qualifications because they have a more diverse skill set than others. They also received promotions and higher pay than Indian students.


Let’s be honest. Most Indian students pursue higher studies in International universities with the aim of immigrating to other countries. Students can apply for Permanent Residency after bagging a secure job there. The United States has a two-year post-study stay policy, after which a student can change his visa to a study visa. A student can apply for a work visa and then a permanent residency in Canada after a three-year stay. The United Kingdom has reinstated its two-year policy for students looking for work. The biggest reason for studying abroad is still immigration.

Versatile Courses

Despite the larger number of universities, there are only conventional courses in the country. In most cases, students are compelled to pick between Science, engineering, technology, and mathematics courses because they do not have many options. While Higher Education Abroad offers a wide range of courses, there are also several universities and colleges that offer such unique courses. They might choose their fields of interest by studying overseas. 

Easy Accessibility to seats

In a hugely populated country like India, getting your dream college with your dream subject is a tough nut to crack, there are thousands and millions of students competing in the entrance exams for the same universities. 


Studying abroad with sufficient funds aka scholarships is a dream for many students. International students, especially those from India have lots of financial aid opportunities ranging from private organizations to various government institutions. Get in touch with Campus World, the top Study Abroad Consultants in  Kochi to get detailed information regarding financial aid and scholarships to study abroad.

Global Exposure 

Studying abroad will help to widen their horizons. Students will have a better possibility of implementing practises in the global arena and learning about diverse countries' know-how. International students can also gain a practical understanding of international industries by using cross-cultural references and a global viewpoint.

Lifetime experience 

It is very important to mention that studying abroad doesn't mean you will be spending your entire life on campus with your studies. You are being introduced to another country and its culture, traditions and art. It will be turned out to be one of the best life experiences.

Learning a New Language

Who doesn’t like to learn a new language? It will be a different experience and helps you out when English is not your first language and if you are not in an English-speaking country. Several studies have revealed that living on the land where the language is spoken is the best method to learn it.

For example, if you want to speak French like a native, go to France or Canada and see how fluent you can become. Similarly, if Spanish interests you, begin your higher education plans in Spain, Mexico, or Argentina.

If English is not your first language, studying abroad in nations such as the United Kingdom and the United States will undoubtedly increase your comprehension of the language. 

Requirements for Higher Studies Abroad

There are requirements that need to be met to pursue your higher abroad education. 


It is the first and foremost step for pursuing a career abroad. Make sure you are including all necessary documents and details relevant to your course and university. Our Best Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala can help you assist with all the chaotic application procedures in a hassle-free manner.

Academic Transcripts

Carefully submit all academic transcripts up to and including the most recent qualifications. For the application to be considered, a certain percentage of marks must be obtained. It varies from university to university and makes sure that you meet the qualification mark requirements.

English Language Proficiency Test

International students must prove their English proficiency in order to study abroad. Students must pass English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, and PTE. A minimum grade must be obtained.

Curriculum Vitae

International students and candidates seeking jobs must provide an updated CV that includes academic and professional information. All degrees, certificates, internships, and other job experience should be listed.

Statement of Purpose 

This essay will include information about the student's background, the rationale for picking the course, university, and nation, ambitions, job experience, extracurricular activities, and other information. SOP assists a candidate in gaining admission to a foreign university. Our Study Abroad Consultants in Ernakulam can help you to assist with the long procedure and guide you through each step.

Letter of Recommendation

LOR is offered by the applicant's former lecturers or managers. It includes information such as qualifications, achievements, contributions, and tenure with the organisation. The LOR assists the university's admissions committee in determining whether or not to admit a candidate.

Student Visa 

Students need a visa to stay and complete their studies in a foreign country. It is very important to note that internationals need to fill out the visa application form, offer letter and and receipts of visa application fees as part of the required documents.