Why do Indian Students Prefer the UK to Study abroad?

  • Posted on April 14, 2022
Why do Indian Students Prefer the UK to Study abroad?

Nowadays, hundreds of thousands of Indian students are studying abroad in various places throughout the world - and more are joining them every year! Every year, the United Kingdom attracts hundreds of thousands of overseas students. Unsurprisingly, a sizable proportion of those students who opt to study in the UK are from the Indian subcontinent. Although India boasts a plethora of institutions and colleges providing world-class degrees in a variety of topics, studying in a country such as the United Kingdom is without a doubt an unparalleled experience. So read along to know Why do Indian Students Prefer the UK to Study abroad


Did You Know that Most the Indian Students Prefer To Study In The UK? 

Every year, thousands of international students come to the United Kingdom to study, and the country ranks second in terms of higher education. The number of outstanding scholarship and fellowship possibilities for students is likely to be one of the primary factors that contribute to the UK ranking as one of the top nations for individuals looking to study abroad. In the United Kingdom, there are over 150 universities.

Almost all degrees in the United Kingdom are taught in English, while German and French are the most in-demand foreign languages in the country.

Brexit's planned visa rules will result in a drop in EU student enrollment, resulting in a significant international student and income gap at UK universities. They will prioritize other overseas students to refill it (non-EU citizens). They are more likely to attract students because India is the country with the second-highest intake of academics. The rationale for this is that Indian students will compensate for the decrease in money that institutions would experience as a result of the loss of EU students.

Why Consider the UK for higher studies? 

The United Kingdom is a well-known study-abroad destination, attracting millions of international students from over 86 countries. The United Kingdom, along with Canada and the United States, is frequently ranked as one of the three most desirable nations for foreign applicants, and is recognized for its highly revered reputation in the fields of education, curriculum, and research methodologies.

We have curated a list of the most reasons for students flocking to pursue Overseas education in the UK.

Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer the UK to Study abroad? 


The United Kingdom also features a vibrant multi-ethnic community with individuals from all over the world. An Indian student may interact and learn a lot about various nations and their cultures by living in the middle of such a varied community.
The other side of the coin is that if you ever become homesick, the UK has a sizable Indian community, so discovering family from your homeland and indulging yourself in Indian culture and food will be easier than you think.

Superior Living Conditions

The level of life in the UK is vastly different from that of India when several aspects such as access to basic facilities, quality of education, air quality, GDP, and so on are considered.
Even for overseas students, the UK has an amazing healthcare program that makes healthcare cheap for everybody in times of need. The country also has a lot of progress in terms of infrastructure and amenities, which are essential for students.

Prestigious Universities

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world's greatest institutions, including the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College, and others. However, the UK is not just known for its elite institutions; the country has over 130 universities, practically all of which are recognized for their brilliance in learning and employment.

Economic Prospects

The United Kingdom has a sophisticated mixed economy. It has the world's fifth-largest economy in terms of market exchange rates and the sixth-largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). The nation's entire GDP in 2020 was $2.63 trillion, while the current GDP is $3.12 trillion. The economic sector is critical to the generation of the nation's GDP. In comparison to agriculture, the service and tourist industries create greater GDP. In 2019, the service and manufacturing industries contributed 71.26 percent and 17.41 percent, respectively, to the nation's total GDP. According to the World Bank's collection of development indicators, the UK's total labor force in 2020 will be 34 million people.

Permission to Work During and After Graduation

One of the most compelling reasons for Indian students to seek higher education in the UK is the option to work while studying. The country's norms and procedures for students allow them to work part-time while continuing their university degrees.
In addition to part-time work, the newest Graduate Immigration Route would allow students to stay in the UK for a further two years following graduation in order to apply for and find jobs. This modification has been a lifesaver for prospective UK students, particularly those from India, as it provides them with much-needed ground support to stay in the country and obtain a well-paying job.

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