Why study Hospitality Management in the UK?

  • Posted on November 03, 2022
Why study Hospitality Management in the UK?


When it comes to taking up a career in hospitality, there is absolutely gonna be a wild ride, one of the most complex decisions to pick up is where you are going to go and which school you are gonna pick. Entering the hospitality industry has become far more demanding than any other industry nowadays. As per the British Hospitality Association, the third largest employment opportunity is for the hospitality industry in the UK. The reason alone stands why the UK is considered the top place to study hospitality management.  


Advantages of taking up Hospitality Management as a career option 

Job flexibility

Even though being a highly competitive industry, the main aspect of getting a degree in hospitality is that you may get opportunities across the globe. Since there are many opportunities, if your prospects of getting a job in a fast-paced environment, then go for a hotel based in a metropolitan area or a tourist destination, or if you wish to move into a more humble and serene spot, you can opt for a hotel based on a mountain or resort in a beach town works as well. Since it's a highly flexible work environment, you can quickly get a job according to your choices. This entirely depends on the hotel chain you are associated with if you wish to move, you can easily get a transfer to branch hotels across the country or the globe.

Job Benefits

 An employee who works in the hospitality industry most of the time has a wholesome paycheck. One of the main highlights is that the major hotels worldwide focus on keeping their employees happy, providing additional bonuses like paid vacations, employee discounts, and benefits.

Career advancement opportunities

Since it's a highly lucrative industry, one thing that is stable for every employee is that they can thrive, as they get ample opportunities to advance in their career. Since many are unfamiliar with the industry culture, it is no secret that most hotels tend to give promotions to existing employees rather than hiring someone from outside.

Combining subjects or courses

 Even though for a person who watches from the outside has thought a person who works as a hotelier or a Concierge in the hotel has to thrive in social skills and communication, there is more to it than meets the eye. Studying a hospitality course allows you to learn a wide set of subjects in addition to your course. From tourism to sports, history to arts is just a few subjects, to begin with. Now, this might look like a hassle to pick up a subject that might not do anything with the course. But everything about the hospitality industry is interrelated, and somehow this is relevant, making the course more interesting for you. It can broaden your skill set and add weight to your resume.

Job opportunities

 We have encountered many instances while job hunting where a candidate without experience probably ends up rejected. Now, if you start your career with a hospitality management degree, the incredible aspect is that even if you lack experience, you can easily land a job. Prior experience is not a prerequisite to getting a job, but the candidate should possess the correct training according to the role.

Hotel management career options

 So now curious about what kind of career options are opened up for you

  • Hoteliers

  • Hotel or resort manager

  • Operations manager in restaurants, hotels, and resorts

  • Guest service agent

  • Concierge in hotels

  • Event planner or organizer

  • Restaurant or bar manager

  • Housekeeping

  • Marketing department of hotels or resorts

  • Facility management

  • Airline cabin crew

  • Casino manager

  • Food and beverage director at restaurants, bars, hotels, or resorts

Why should you study in the UK?

Now why consider the UK of all places, the country is a hub of one of the top universities in the world that specializes in hospitality management courses. Every year, a number of more than 500,000 international students come to the UK to pursue a degree. The Quality of life in the UK and the many credits that comes along with it. Even though typically there are many merits to it, the expense to live and study in London comes to around £1,100 per month, which is considerably expensive.

There are various reasons to consider studying in the UK,

  • Degrees recognized worldwide

  • If you have a degree from a recognized university in the UK, the perk is that it is accepted worldwide. Uk degrees are considered as world-class, and this can be emphasized and strengthen your profile to get a wide set of job opportunities.

  • Opportunities to work: 

  • Most immigrant students who come to the UK as part of their education have support from the government to pursue part-time job opportunities while they are studying. So typically, while pursuing a full-time degree, they have the opportunity to work for 20 hours a week and during the university holidays. It is quite easy to find part-time employment in the UK that can give you ample experience and aid you financially.

  • Lower education costs: The expense of studying in the UK is relatively low compared to the USA. The US Courses are 4 years, while in the UK, it is # years, which will save you time and money.

  • Improve language skills: Studying in the Uk can vastly improve your English along with your skills. Improving your language skills can help you thrive in whichever country you are moving to for employment, as it is considered a universal language.

Wrapping up

Now, if you had made a choice to migrate to the UK and pick up a course in hospitality management, that would be a wise decision. However, even though it's not easier as it seems, campus world ensures that we work with experts to give you the best aid and make the process go much simpler.