Most in-demand jobs in Canada

  • Posted on June 22, 2021
Most in-demand jobs in Canada

Canada is a land rich in traditions, landscapes, history, and culture. It covers almost 10 million square kilometres of land. In the recent past, Canada has surely become one of the favourite destinations for immigrants because of the vast ocean of benefits available in the Canadian immigration policies. Canada’s stunning geographical locations, high standard of living, medical benefits, safety and security, and great employment opportunities are just a few of the many reasons why immigrants flock to the country. Canada offers the best of both worlds, city life and nature. Ontario, which is close to the US border is a bustling city offering all the excitement of the city life one can possibly imagine. Saskatchewan on the other hand lets you get nestled in the greatness that nature has to offer. So before considering moving to Canada, let us talk about the most in-demand jobs in Canada. 

  • Information technology and Technical Support Specialist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Truck Driver
  • Customer service representative
  • Human Resources and Recruitment Officers


Information technology and Technical Support Specialist

As per Canadian Citizenship & Immigration Resource Center (CCIRC) Inc, Companies have pivoted to a large-scale shift to remote work which increased the use of digital collaboration tools. Many businesses that previously evaded going online have no other go but to develop a website and take their business online due to the Covid-19 pandemic that began in early 2020. So the IT sector has seen a rise in demand for Web Developers and Technical support to cater to the eCommerce boom. Experienced techies who can design, code, and build applications and websites are in high demand and may easily find jobs in Canada. The Average Annual Salary for a Software developer is 85,600 CAD (Approx 51 Lakh INR).


Registered Nurse                                                                                        

It may come as no surprise that medical personnel, especially nurses are desperately needed across the world to combat the health crisis. Canadians also believe in proper health care because of which nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. In order to become a registered nurse, a bachelor’s degree and formal registration with the nursing territorial and regulatory authority are required. Also, the ageing population needs home care and requires qualified home nurses. The average annual salary of a registered nurse is around 80,126 CAD(approx 47.7 Lakh INR)


Truck Driver

Truck drivers help transport finished goods between retail and distribution centers and raw materials to and from manufacturing plants by road. This includes planning daily routes and keeping delivery schedules. The labour market is vast and as businesses intend to move goods and products around, there is always a need to fill the position of commercial drivers especially with the dependence on online shopping platforms like Amazon, Kijiji, Walmart, etc. The required certification is a Canadian commercial vehicle driver’s license. Although the actual individual salary may depend on various factors like working hours, employer discretion, etc, the average annual salary is 44,234 CAD(approx 26.3 Lakh INR).


Customer service representative

With the increase of online purchases and lesser face time with a real person, the role of the customer service representatives has increased owing to the pandemic. They have to deal with customers who may be emotionally distressed because of many reasons including layoffs, loss of a loved one, etc. Customers often expect to speak to a real person who can professionally handle their situation regarding the orders they placed online and sympathize in case of a mixup. Plain refunds and vouchers may not suffice to retain the customers. Knowing a second language like French can boost the chances of placements. 34,125 CAD(Approx 20.3 Lakh INR) is the average annual salary.


Human Resources and Recruitment Officers

The unemployment rate of Canada fell from a record high of 13.7% in May 2020 to 8.5% in November 2020 and continues to drop in 2021 as more and more sectors open up reviving the economy and adding more jobs. HR officers play a crucial role for businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic by filling up urgent vacancies, developing new and relevant HR policies such as remote work policies along with health and safety policies. Keeping up the morale of the employees during such a difficult time is also part of the countless responsibilities they share. Anyone who has worked in HR will know the struggle to meet the company standards while staying within the allotted budget. So they are usually compensated in the paycheck for the trouble. Their average annual salary is 78,975 CAD (approx 46.5 Lakh INR).


Before the pandemic hit the economy, Canada welcomed more than 300,000 newcomers and immigrants from all over the world to happily choose Canada as their new home. A Wealth of Job Opportunities, Free Healthcare and Education, multiculturalism, and diversity are just a few of the perks of settling in Canada. Canada’s economy is recovering from the negative impact of COVID-19. The economic impact has been relatively less severe when the second wave swept through the country. Widescale distribution of vaccines is happening in Canada to bring this virus under control. Canada is famous for its job-specific immigration pilots, streams, and programs for foreign nationals to move to the country and fill jobs that are in high demand, and almost all provinces publish the annual “in-demand occupations lists” as part of their Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs). The provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta offer good job opportunities with very low unemployment rates because out of the 10 provinces and 3 territories, one-third of all Canadians reside in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto.


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