New Rules and Policies for Study Abroad

  • Posted on July 21, 2022
New Rules and Policies for Study Abroad

Once your dream of studying abroad gets its eligibility, you should be aware of new rules and policies before you start your journey. We should consider whether rules in study abroad programs are favorable for high-quality education, experiencing a new culture, gaining global interaction, and future employment opportunities. Whatever destination you chose, the rules, policies, and requirements may vary depending on the country or university you chose. Usually, international students are asked to submit passport photos for identification, a statement of purpose, a CV, a letter of recommendation, a certificate and transcript of their secondary education, proof of English language proficiency, and admission test results.

Finance is the main concern for students who may find it difficult to get a student loan to accompany their studies. The scholarships, fellowships, studentships, sponsorships, and grants may vary according to the university and college we chose. Latest updates on Studying abroad broaden your top-of-the-line education following the advancement in career prospects.


 Changes Affecting International Students at UK Universities

The study in UK programs backed into normal after the pandemic and can perform relatively well by the success of the vaccine rollout across the UK. There are certain scholarships or hardship funds for prospective universities, but no longer able to apply for a student loan in the UK for international students. There should not require a visa for courses for up to six months as long as we are accompanied by an accredited institution. There is a provision for a short-term study abroad programs that lasts up to 11 months.    

In the case of healthcare, students should pay an Immigration Health Surcharge and extra payment should be added for each family member accompanying them. During your study time, students are supposed to work 20 hours per week and full working hours during vacations. UK policies do not allow dependence to accompany undergraduate candidates and a dependent visa is allowed for primary applicants and master's degree applicants.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Changes Affecting International Students in Canada                         

Studying in Canada is a top-notch destination for high-quality education and is a game-changer for International students aspiring to study there. The Canadian government has announced certain changes in rules and policies after the coronavirus pandemic to facilitate high-quality education for young brains. Students should fulfill the requirements such as a letter of acceptance, proof of funds, certificate of acceptance, Evidence that the applicant is a genuine student, and Disclosure of family ties to Canada (if any). Finally, the authorities will evaluate Immigration Medical Examination, Security-Police Certificate, and Biometrics. The final approval is issued, once we meet all the above criteria and can start enjoying the Canadian study dream.

It is important to check daily updates regarding travel restrictions, and study permits as Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic flourish here and there. Mandatory random testing is allowed in Canadian major airports for fully vaccinated students.  The eligible fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada should possess  18 years and older and should accompany a valid study permit, and a fully vaccinated certificate approved by the Government of Canada. Before you make a journey to Canada, you should meet all other travel restrictions and exemptions for international students.


Changes Affecting International Students in Australia

Studying in Australia is everyone's dream to acquire world-class education amenities, qualified academics, and an amazing job culture. The Government of Australia sets new rules and policies to support international students as per post covid lockdown protocols. The new rules regarding student visas claim that changes in the course should be accepted only with approval from the minister. Like other countries, International students in Australia can work for up to 20 hours per week and can work for a long duration during vacations. The dependence of international students on student visas has the same right to work 20 hours per week. Students should require a confirmation enrollment from an Australian educational institution before applying for a student visa. Overseas Student Health Cover should be maintained by each applicant for basic hospital care requirements. The documents required for an Australian student visa are Proof of enrolment, a valid passport, Your visa application fee, Your Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement, Academic and work experience documents, Evidence of your English proficiency skills, Evidence of financial ability, Details of your health insurance policy (Overseas Student Health Cover), Statement of purpose, and Passport-sized photographs.

Now, we are well aware of the rules and policies of studying abroad programs at your favorite study destinations. Explore your favorite destination for high-quality education that helps you to succeed in the future.

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