Why Study For A Bachelor's Degree In Germany

  • Posted on November 04, 2021
Why Study For A Bachelor's Degree In Germany

Since the German-speaking people have been an inseparable part of the world's greatest inventions in both arts and sciences, practically every academic area has a long and exceptional heritage of success stories, both in Germany and elsewhere. Add to that the fact that Germany abolished all tuition costs for both national and foreign students, providing a free globally recognized bachelor degree in Germany to all prospective students. It's no surprise that students from all over the world wonder as to why no other country can make such a convenient move and flock to Study in Germany. So if you are still wondering about Why study for a bachelor's degree in Germany, read along.

Why Study for a bacherlor's degree in Germany?
1. Public universities in Germany are free of tuition fees

Public colleges in Germany provide you the option of taking advantage of a multicultural atmosphere suited for expanding your learning experience by paying next to nothing. The only fees you must pay are administration, enrolling, and confirmation fees.

2. Great faculty and infrastructure in higher education

With the exception of a considerable heritage of excellent education and notable personalities in numerous academic subjects, most public universities in Germany originate from the Middle Ages. Other institutions, such as the majority of private universities in Germany, were established after World War II or quite recently.

3. Degrees that are internationally recognized

Universities in Germany today follow the Bologna reform, which assures that all students receive a unified and globally recognized degree, such as a bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D.
Except for medicine, law, and pharmacy, this is true for the vast majority of bachelor degree in Germany. Students in these topics are still studied in the usual manner; a state test is given at the conclusion of the course, and the course lasts a few more semesters than a regular bachelor's degree.

4. English-taught study programmes

Studying in Germany is not only free but it may also be done in English if your German language abilities are lacking. English is a global and widely spoken language that is taught as a second language in the vast majority of schools worldwide. A new start in a new country, a new university, and a new language might be more difficult than you anticipate; thus, you may wish to ease into it by enrolling in an international programme taught in English until your German language abilities improve, and then transfer to studying in Germany.

5. Plenty of  job opportunities

Regardless of the free tuition policy, studying in Germany does not come cheap — you must still cover your living expenses. As a result, many overseas students search for work to supplement their income while choosing to study abroad. Non-EU students must apply for a work visa, and their annual working hours are limited to 190 full days or 240 half days.
It's worth noting that practice-oriented colleges in Germany have relationships with large corporations that provide students with internships. These are not necessarily compensated, but they can lead to excellent future employment once you finish your bachelor degree in Germany.

6. Explore Germany

In Germany, student life feeds on adrenaline and curiosity. Germans are curious, yet they respect your privacy; mutual respect and order are part of daily life, and cultural variety is worth studying in every corner of the nation since it makes you feel like you're a part of a whole rather than a total stranger. Germans are unquestionably environmentally conscious. Parks and green areas are a feature of every neighborhood and are an excellent place to unwind. Another significant advantage of living in Germany is the superb public transportation, which is efficient, safe, and quick. You may even obtain a free travel card by paying enrollment and administrative taxes that are laughably low, as an added benefit of studying in Germany.

7. Stay back options

Finally, if you study in Germany, you will have the golden opportunity to stay back and find a job when you finish. The legislation enables overseas grads to stay for a further 18 months to look for a job, and you may wind up staying longer if that is your preference.

Free Education In Germany For Indian Students

You may be asking if university education in Germany is free. Frankly, the response is 'well almost'.Tuition fees are collected by universities nearly everywhere in Europe and across the world, even if only from foreign students who come to study. Germany is one of the few European countries where you may study without paying the tuition fee, regardless of nationality.

Education, in general, is not regarded as a commodity by Germans. It is rather seen as a requirement and a fundamental right of all human beings. Germans think that unfettered access to higher education improves economic prosperity and overall well-being.

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